Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Recommend:

1. L'oreal's Infallible Lipstick. I put this lipstick on at 7am and it's still on the next morning, and it's not all dry and cracky looking. This product gets an A+ from me.

2. Having a day off. Every few months or so, I ask the hubs for a day off. We coordinate schedules, pick a good day, and then I'm gone! I had one in August and I browsed the Daybreak model homes for decorating ideas, wandered through yarn stores, book stores, and had dinner with my sisters. Recently for the latest day off, I attended a homeschool/parenting seminar and then caught a movie and dinner with my sisters and mother-in-law. I can't tell you how nice it is to do just what I want, with no hurrying. Try it today.

3. I got this book for James for Christmas, and have been impressed. I was looking to up the excitement factor for our daily scripture study. While the lessons in this book for the most part, are a little more involved than I want to do on an every day basis, it has been a fantastic tool for doing quick, easy family home evenings that are based on scripture. Excellent! I bought the Old Testament and the Book of Mormon ones. Find them at LDS bookstores.

4. Read this recently for book club and wondered why it took me so long to get around to this amazing book. In the back of the edition that I read, it said that Harriet Beecher Stowe didn't really want to write this book, but she felt that God was calling her to do it. After reading the book, that statement certainly rings true to me.

5. Are there young women in your life who need lessons on sticking to their principles, even in the heat of passion? This is would make an excellent resource. Good luck getting them to read it, but you should read it and apply the story to the young people you influence, somehow. I'm just convinced that this book can help young people make good choices!

6. Is the snow losing it's charm? Maybe you could collect the spray bottles in your house, fill them with colored water, and let the kids "paint" the snow. The snow doesn't stick too long at this time of year, but maybe you could remember this little tip for next winter...
7. Need to fix your kids? Go here and start clicking around. These people wrote a book called Let's Fix the Kids! They also have CD seminars. You can get both at the library. Want to stop yelling? Give it a try.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

No, Seriously! I'm Actually Posting! I Know!

I Love My Life!
I have the best life out of all of you hands down, guaranteed! Every morning I wake up and think to myself "What fun surprises are going to happen to me today?" "I am the luckiest mother in the world!" "My children are such a delight!"

Perhaps it will be gum in Mary's hair? We don't allow her to have gum, yet somehow a piece found her mouth, got chewed up, and of course, wound up in her hair.

Maybe Kate will find my camera?

If it's a really special day, Kate might wander into the office unattended, climb up onto the desk, locate a Sharpie, and scribble all over the computer monitor and office furniture. Her dad then, if we're lucky, may contemplate leaving home. Don't have pix of that one, was too busy coaxing husband to stay married to us.

Only my precious children would think of throwing three books into the bathtub to disintegrate into very very small particles of pulp. I had to get creative cleaning that one up, but like I said, I am soooo blessed!

The always popular crayon/pencil/pen/marker on the wall! It just makes my day!!! I never know when I'm going to turn the corner and find that unexpected joy!

Makeup is a perennial favorite! Many a time I've come upstairs to my bathroom and found Mary into bottles, jars, tubes, and compacts.
Bath salts scattered on the floor? Why yes!
Lipstick dug out of the tube? Of course!
Mascara smeared on eyebrows? Check!

And then there's the stunt that is the best of all: Poop in the crib. Everywhere. So that you have to take two days out of your very busy life and clean and disinfect it all. This gift was brought to me by Kate. Thank you Kate. Oh, it just makes a mother's heart absolutely sing!

Now tell me: Am I not blessed and lucky?