Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This Classroom Will Now Come To Order!

In spite of my previous post about keeping school in session for the summer, we took a brief break! Vacations are an educational experience of their own kind and we've been on quite a few! The picture above is from our beloved river cabin in northern Idaho.
Now it's time to gain the momentum for school to officially start again. In this post, I offer a few resources and curriculum ideas that I'm particularly excited about:

First, I have a homeschool planner that I ordered from lovetolearn.net. It is an excellent resource! I have used Franklin Covey for years, but finally had to face the fact that it seems meant for people who work outside the home, not for full time homemakers and homeschoolers! I've tried other planners as well, but none really helped me feel as organized as this one. It has a place for weekly personal goals, phone calls, menu lists, church callings, and shopping and errand lists as well as your basic weekly schedule. In this planner (which comes punched for a standard sized three ring binder), I put my science experiment materials needed lists, library book lists, and lists of items needed for history projects. Now I don't need to wander into the school room and locate each separate subject binder to locate items needed for our activities! It's all in one place and if I'm out running errands, I can quickly scan the lists for what we need. Brilliant.

Second, I downloaded yearly goal master pages for each child from donnayoung.org. On each child's page, there is room for each subject, the goals stated for that year, the resources or curriculum to be used and its cost. This has really helped me focus on what I want them to learn for each subject this year, and it has kept me from forgetting some of the great books and games we have on hand.

Third, we're starting Latin this year! Were going to try Prima Latina. I'll let you know how it goes! Have a great time in your homeschool this year!
Until later,