Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In Which I Blather On About Greek Yogurt, Kids, and My Complete Health Overhaul

Has anyone tried Greek yogurt? I am absolutely loving it. Greek yogurt has double the protein, less fat and calories, and is creamier than regular yogurt. I take mine plain all the way. Sometimes, I add some berries. Or a handful of walnuts and a drizzle of honey. Or if I really need a shot of sweet I'll add a spoonful of jam. Unfortunately, my favorite brand (Fage) can only be had at health food stores and is twice the price. Yay. I usually make the trek to Whole Foods and fork over my 10+ lousy bucks for my weekly supply though, because the taste and texture is superior. So there you go. You are now one of the People Who Know. About yogurt, anyway.

Anyone else notice how much better their kids are compared to yourself at their age?
I have. Mine surprise me with how much smarter, more responsible, good, and organized they are than when I was when I was just a lass. I was constantly unprepared, losing papers, dumb at math, lazy, and just kind of bouncing around with a confused wide-eyed look on my face. I guess some things never change! I feel so blessed to have kids who are so much better. They make me proud, every day.

And my knitting is calling, so I'll save My Complete Health Overhaul for another post. And now, it doesn't sound so interesting anyway, so maybe I'll just forget it. See, this is why I never post anymore.